Tip and Discount Calculator by Alderfer Studios

intro slider iphones

Tip and Discount Calculator by Alderfer Studios

intro slider iphones

Percent Calculator

Calculate the tip or discount

Responsive Layout

Adjusts to your screen size and has special landscape layouts for tablets

Material Design

Follows Material Design to provide a clean and modern experience

Quick Code

Efficient code designed to maximize speed


Simple and Easy to Use

Designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible

Custom Settings

Gives the user control over how the app functions

User Responsive

Listens to users and implements suggestions


See what this app looks like

Percent Calculator Demo

Just enter the cost, slide to select the percent, and press tip or discount. You can also tap split to split between multiple people. The split can be adjusted to split the tip and/or the total. This app can also work for anything else where a percentage needs to be added or subtracted. Multiple color and theme options are available in the settings. Swipe navigation is included. There is also a combined screen with live calculations.


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My Goal

My goal is to provide quality apps for mobile users. I design my apps to be modern and easy to use. I try to give you what you want without any useless bloating. If you ever have any suggestions or feedback, please contact me.

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